Sample Letter Terminating Tenancy Agreement Landlord

Dear [Tenant],

I regret to inform you that your tenancy agreement with [Landlord Name] will be terminated effective [Date]. This decision has been made after careful consideration and due to the following reasons:

[Reasons for termination; For instance, the tenant may have violated the agreement terms repeatedly, failed to pay rent, or caused damages to the property that require extensive repairs.]

As per the agreement, you are required to vacate the premises and remove all of your belongings by the termination date. Additionally, you are required to leave the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in, with no damages or alterations. Failure to comply with these terms may result in deductions from your security deposit or legal action.

We advise you to make appropriate arrangements for your move and to leave the property in good time. We also recommend that you take photographs of the unit before leaving to document its condition.

Please ensure that you return all keys and any other belongings belonging to the landlord, including but not limited to remote controls, mailbox keys, and gate access cards. Failure to return the aforementioned items may result in additional charges.

We thank you for your occupancy during your tenancy period and wish you success in your future endeavors.


[Landlord Name]